History of Antimalaria Campaign | Finance Branch

Anti-malaria campaign was established in section is a specialized component of the anti-malaria campaign. Its function’s decentralized in 1989.

Currently the anti-malaria finance section headed by the accountant under the supervision of director anti-malaria campaign directorate coming under the ministry of health.

The anti-malaria campaign finance section is responsible for the control of the government funds in an efficient and effective manner, it helps to achieve goals and objective of the anti-malaria campaign.

Former Accountants

  • Mr.Subramanium
  • Mr.Jayarathne
  • Mr.Anthony
  • Mr.Kadirawelu
  • Mrs.Indrani De Silva
  • Mrs.G.Subramanium


Current Organization Structure of Finance Branch | Anti Malaria Campaign

Key : DA: Development Assistant; MA: Management Assistant; HA: Health Assistant

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Main Duties of the finance section

  • Preparation of the salaries of all the employees working under AMC
  • Estimate budgets for the following year and use allocated budget in efficient and effective manner
  • Reporting all income and expenditure to the treasury through the ministry of health and, Nutrition & Indigenous Medicine.