Q: Is malaria still present in Sri Lanka?

A: No. Only travelers coming from countries where there is malaria, are bringing the disease to the country


Q: Are there any medicines to prevent malaria?

A: Yes


Q: What is the cost for these preventive medicines? .

A: Free of charge


Q: Where can we get these preventive medicines from?

A: Can be obtained from Antimalaria Campaign Headquarters at Narahenpita, and also from Regional Malaria Offices in each of 25 Districts in the country


Q: Do we need to get preventive medicines for Malaria when travelling to any country in the world?

A: No. You need to take these medicines only when travelling to countries which have malaria; Endemic countries


Q: What are the countries with Malaria?

A: Endemic country list is given in this website


Q: Do you have an injection (Vaccine) for malaria prevention before travelling to malarial countries?

A: No, only tablets


Q: If we have fever, how do we check for malaria?

A: If you have fever after coming back from a malarial country, you should check for malaria by contacting the Antimalaria Campaign headquarters or any of the regional malaria offices in each district or from any major hospital in the country) (Malaria campaign Hotline is +94117626626


Q: Is treatable and can it be completely cured?

A: Yes, but you need to complete the whole treatment regime at a hospital


Q: I was diagnosed as having Malaria while I was in Mozambique but was completely cured there after treatment, but after coming back to Sri Lanka I was again diagnosed as having malaria. How can this be?

A:  Yes, it is possible, as the Malaria parasite is able to live inside a person’s liver for a long time without being detected and can cause the disease


Q: How is malaria spread?

A: By the night biting mosquito; Anopheles


Q: In Sri Lanka where do you find Malaria patients?

A: Inside Sri Lanka there are no Malarial areas as Sri Lanka has been able to eliminate malaria since 2013. Only among people coming back from travel to malarial countries have been found to have malaria.